Bipolar central devoted to helping those living with bipolar disorder home | about bipolar disorder | about david oliver | bipolar articles/stories | bipolar success stories | blogs and podcast | catalog | contact | current bipolar news david oliver in the news | donate | events | faq's | free resources | health directory | other illnesses | recommended sites | site map | speaking | testimonials follow us! Dysthymic disorder – dysthymia (dysthemia) dysthymic disorder (otherwise known as dysthymia or dysthemia) is a form of depression, with symptoms similar to clinical or ‘major’ depression. But the symptoms of dysthymic disorder are milder and longer lasting. viagra tablets uses Typically, these symptoms do not disable a person. This is a chronic, mild depression that may develop in childhood, but more typically emerges in middle age. viagra samples It is not uncommon for people with dysthymia to experience major depressive episodes. low cost viagra canada Sometimes referred to as neurotic depression, minor depression, or intermittent depression, the predominant characteristics of this disorder includes at least a two-year history of depressed moods, with episodes lasting two or more days. viagra without a doctor prescription Most people think of depression as a major disorder, which is usually severe, and last weeks or months. canadian no prescription viagra In major or clinical depression, the patient’s mood is noticeably low, they may have trouble sleeping, lose weight, lose interest in food, feel hopeless and suicidal. Whereas, dysthymic disorder is not as severe, has less impact on daily activities, but can last for years, or even decades. Some patients suffer from ‘double depression’– in other words, they have dysthemia and major or clinical depression. low cost viagra canada Patients diagnosed with dysthymia often have family members who suffer from depression, or from bipolar disorder. generic viagra online What are the symptoms? While the symptoms of dysthymic disorder may mimic major or clinical depression, they are milder and last longer. Symptoms can include: increase or decrease in appetite insomnia or excessive sleeping fatigue and low energy, irritability low self-esteem, pessimistic, easily discouragedinability to focus or concentrate socially withdrawn and shy inability to make decisions, unproductive feeling of hopelessness how is it diagnosed and treated? The guidelines for diagnosis of dysthymic disorder are quite specific: in adults: signs of depressed mood for most, or all, of the day, on most days, as observed by others, persisting for at least 2 years. viagra generic In children and adolescents: persistent irritability for at least 1 year. Depression is accompanied by at least two of the symptoms described above. where to buy viagra in europe Dysthemia symptoms can often be misdiagnosed by a general physician or attributed to some other physical problem. When it is diagnosed, dysthymia is somewhat difficult to treat. buy cheap viagra It is imperative that the doctor rule out other conditions and evaluate. viagra over counter canada yahoo

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